We have a thriving community of junior squash players in Northants.

We aim to make squash a fun and engaging activity for any child who wants to learn the sport – no matter how far along the development pathway they want to go.

Squash is a deeply social activity, with friendships made on court that last a lifetime. We are proud of our junior community in Northants and surrounding area: it is a supportive network, and we take great pleasure in welcoming new players and parents.

Squash is also very inclusive with no barriers to ability or gender. If you are reading this as a parent whose children don’t enjoy other traditional sports like football or rugby, tennis or netball, squash could well be the game that allows your offspring to become active, within a setup that praises and encourages effort and enthusiasm over ‘talent’. We have many junior players who have found their sporting home on a squash court.

Read on in our other pages to discover how you can get involved with Northants Junior Squash. We look forward to meeting you.