Junior Grand Prix

Next round of the Northants & District Junior Grand Prix:
Buckingham Swan Pool & Leisure Centre
Saturday, 25th April 2020

The Northants and District Junior Grand Prix are the ideal introduction to competition for any junior that enjoys playing squash. The events have a welcoming, friendly atmosphere with no pressure to perform and no expectations on results – despite the fact that the season-long series is based on rankings in which every point counts.

The Northants juniors at the Daventry Finals, June 2019

We have worked hard since the inception of the Grand Prix series in June 2017 to instil a sense of friendly competitiveness that allows for growth of mindset and skill rather than piling on relentless pressure.

The Grand Prix are there for children to exercise the abilities they are learning at club level. Should that mean they want to extend their horizons to sanctioned events, great; but there is no mandate for doing so – we just want to see them playing and enjoying themselves.

Series Format

There are seven Grand Prix throughout the season, taking place at:

  • Diana’s Health & Fitness, Wellingborough
  • Brackley Squash Club
  • Towers Health & Racquets Club, Bedford
  • Daventry Squash Club (two rounds)
  • Buckingham Swan Pool & Leisure
  • Lings Forum Leisure Centre, Northampton

The series starts in September with events taking place approximately every four weeks, except for breaks to accommodate holidays or the County Championships.

The players are organised into graded groups – A to E – which are arranged solely by ability rather than age or gender. This is the crucial element that makes a Grand Prix the ideal introduction to competitive squash: girls and boys of differing ages play against each other and move up the grades as they become more proficient. It allows for development at whatever pace suits the child.

As their game improves, the children move up the grades – see Moving Between Grades on the leaderboard page.

Each grade is played within a two or three hour time slot so as not to use up an entire day for the competitors and their families. Once the group games have all been completed, we then run semi-finals and a final for each grade to determine an “on the day” winner and runner-up; this gives the children experience of going through a tournament but the points won in these matches don’t go towards the overall, season-long totals.

The Finals Day is held at Daventry Squash Club (the best facility we have in Northants with five excellent courts, including a show court) in June, where all grades run simultaneously – a day-long festival of junior squash with a real party atmosphere:

You can find each round on the calendar, or on the series entry page. We currently use Race Nation to manage entries – once you have created an account with them, entering your children into each event is quick and simple.

Once you have signed up to our mailing list you will be notified of each upcoming event, and will also receive a results email when they’ve been completed. We also put a review of each round on our juniors Facebook page.